To create a printable key, either paste the contents of your keyfile or a key export in the text field below, or select a key export file.

To create a key export use

borg key export /path/to/repository exportfile.txt

If you are using keyfile mode, keyfiles are usually stored in $HOME/.config/borg/keys/

You can edit the parts with light blue border in the print preview below by click into them.

Key security: This print template will never send anything to remote servers. But keep in mind, that printing might involve computers that can store the printed image, for example with cloud printing services, or networked printers.

QR error correction:
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BorgBackup Printable Key Backup
To restore either scan the QR code below, decode it and import it using
borg key import /path/to/repo scannedfile
Or run
borg key import --paper /path/to/repo
and type in the text below.