borg rinfo

borg [common options] rinfo [options]



format output as JSON

Common options


This command displays detailed information about the repository.

Please note that the deduplicated sizes of the individual archives do not add up to the deduplicated size of the repository (“all archives”), because the two are meaning different things:

This archive / deduplicated size = amount of data stored ONLY for this archive = unique chunks of this archive. All archives / deduplicated size = amount of data stored in the repo = all chunks in the repository.


$ borg rinfo
Repository ID: 0e85a7811022326c067acb2a7181d5b526b7d2f61b34470fb8670c440a67f1a9
Location: /Users/tw/w/borg/path/to/repo
Encrypted: Yes (repokey AES-OCB)
Cache: /Users/tw/.cache/borg/0e85a7811022326c067acb2a7181d5b526b7d2f61b34470fb8670c440a67f1a9
Security dir: /Users/tw/.config/borg/security/0e85a7811022326c067acb2a7181d5b526b7d2f61b34470fb8670c440a67f1a9
Original size: 152.14 MB
Deduplicated size: 30.38 MB
Unique chunks: 654
Total chunks: 3302