borg rlist

borg [common options] rlist [options]
  --consider-checkpoints Show checkpoint archives in the repository contents list (default: hidden).
  --short only print the archive names, nothing else
  --format FORMAT specify format for archive listing (default: “{archive:<36} {time} [{id}]{NL}”)
  --json Format output as JSON. The form of --format is ignored, but keys used in it are added to the JSON output. Some keys are always present. Note: JSON can only represent text.

Common options

Archive filters — Archive filters can be applied to repository targets.
  -a PATTERN, --match-archives PATTERN only consider archive names matching the pattern. see “borg help match-archives”.
  --sort-by KEYS Comma-separated list of sorting keys; valid keys are: timestamp, name, id; default is: timestamp
  --first N consider first N archives after other filters were applied
  --last N consider last N archives after other filters were applied


This command lists the archives contained in a repository.

The FORMAT specifier syntax

The --format option uses python’s format string syntax.


$ borg rlist --format '{archive}{NL}'

# {VAR:NUMBER} - pad to NUMBER columns.
# Strings are left-aligned, numbers are right-aligned.
# Note: time columns except ``isomtime``, ``isoctime`` and ``isoatime`` cannot be padded.
$ borg rlist --format '{archive:36} {time} [{id}]{NL}' /path/to/repo
ArchiveFoo                           Thu, 2021-12-09 10:22:28 [0b8e9a312bef3f2f6e2d0fc110c196827786c15eba0188738e81697a7fa3b274]

The following keys are always available:

  • NEWLINE: OS dependent line separator
  • NL: alias of NEWLINE
  • NUL: NUL character for creating print0 / xargs -0 like output
  • TAB
  • CR
  • LF

Keys available only when listing archives in a repository:

  • archive: archive name
  • name: alias of “archive”
  • comment: archive comment
  • id: internal ID of the archive
  • start: time (start) of creation of the archive
  • time: alias of “start”
  • end: time (end) of creation of the archive
  • command_line: command line which was used to create the archive
  • hostname: hostname of host on which this archive was created
  • username: username of user who created this archive


$ borg rlist
Monday                               Mon, 2016-02-15 19:15:11
repo                                 Mon, 2016-02-15 19:26:54
root-2016-02-15                      Mon, 2016-02-15 19:36:29
newname                              Mon, 2016-02-15 19:50:19