borg config

borg [common options] config [options] [REPOSITORY] [NAME] [VALUE]

positional arguments


repository to configure


name of config key


new value for key

optional arguments

-c, --cache

get and set values from the repo cache

-d, --delete

delete the key from the config file

-l, --list

list the configuration of the repo

Common options


This command gets and sets options in a local repository or cache config file. For security reasons, this command only works on local repositories.

To delete a config value entirely, use --delete. To list the values of the configuration file or the default values, use --list. To get and existing key, pass only the key name. To set a key, pass both the key name and the new value. Keys can be specified in the format “” or simply “name”; the section will default to “repository” and “cache” for the repo and cache configs, respectively.

By default, borg config manipulates the repository config file. Using --cache edits the repository cache’s config file instead.


The repository & cache config files are some of the only directly manipulable parts of a repository that aren’t versioned or backed up, so be careful when making changes!


# find cache directory
$ cd ~/.cache/borg/$(borg config /path/to/repo id)

# reserve some space
$ borg config /path/to/repo additional_free_space 2G

# make a repo append-only
$ borg config /path/to/repo append_only 1