borg version

borg [common options] version [options]

Common options


This command displays the borg client version / borg server version.

If a local repo is given, the client code directly accesses the repository, thus we show the client version also as the server version.

If a remote repo is given (e.g. ssh:), the remote borg is queried and its version is displayed as the server version.


# local repo (client uses 1.4.0 alpha version)
$ borg version /mnt/backup
1.4.0a / 1.4.0a

# remote repo (client uses 1.4.0 alpha, server uses 1.2.7 release)
$ borg version ssh://borg@borgbackup:repo
1.4.0a / 1.2.7

Due to the version tuple format used in borg client/server negotiation, only a simplified version is displayed (as provided by borg.version.format_version).

There is also borg --version to display a potentially more precise client version.